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New Jersey "Test Out"

The examination is the USPS Boat Smart exam, plus 10 NJ specific questions.  There is a state mandated $25 fee for each exam which must be collected from each person taking the Test Out exam. 

1.  Applicants must sign a certification that they have at least 100 hours of on the water experience.

2.   Applicants complete the TEST OUT Marine Police application form before taking the exam.

3.   If the person fails, they may not re-take the examination at another time or place and MUST take a boating safety course.

4.   If the person passes the exam (70% is the minimum grade) the instructor signs the application  and the applicant is given the pink copy, of the form filled out in step 2 above.  The applicant will ultimately receive a laminated NJ State Marine Police certificate, but the pink copy makes the applicant a legal boat operator until receiving the laminated certificate. 

Those failing the exam must take a boating course, and cannot retake the Test Out exam.  The student may not take the Test Out exam again elsewhere and if they do they will not receive a NJ certificate from Trenton until they pass a NASBLA approved boating course. 

Before taking the exam, each applicant should study the NJ State Marine Police Boating Safety book which is available online at:  New Jersey State Police - Marine Services.  USPS is merely an instrument of convenience for boaters and must administer the examination under strict state guidelines  Candidates may not receive help from examiners or other attendees since we are required to sign an official state document that they passed.