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Mandatory Boater Education Law

Vessel Safety Check

Do You Know?

  • How to navigate by the stars?

  • How to read the weather patterns when on the water?

  • How to address electrical issues when help is not available?

  • How to dock a boat against the wind?

  • How to navigate with minimum resources?

  • How to prevent an anchor from dragging?

  • Does your First Mate know what to do if you are incapacitated?

Boating is Fun ...  We'll show you how


Organized in 1914, United States Power Squadrons is a non profit, educational organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable.  USPS has over 400 squadrons throughout our nation ready to teach YOU and YOUR FAMILY about boating.  We are the world's largest not-for-profit boating organization, and we have been teaching safe boating for almost 100 years.

Our educational program:

America's Boating Course - The basic boating course

Advanced Courses

Great to Know Courses

Seminars (two hour mini-courses)


The Absecon Island Power Squadron is one of the 400+ squadrons of USPS. We were chartered in May, 1940. We serve Atlantic County and portions of Cumberland and Cape May Counties in Southern New Jersey

One of our important civic service activities is teaching America's Boating Course to the general public to promote boating safety. Another is the Cooperative Charting Program, in which we report corrections and additions to charts and other publications of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NOAA's charts and tables are widely used by the boating public, and we cooperate with NOAA in keeping them up to date. The Cooperative Charting Group meetings are announced by the Chairman. Members can also do Cooperative Charting at a time that it is convenient for them. Speak to the chairman for information and forms.

In the boating season, on-water and off-water events, such as cruises and rendezvous, are another part of our social activity. Check the schedule of events published in The Membership Roster and mark your calendar so you can plan to join us.

For information on the next course being offered by AIPS, check the Classes page, or call 609-407-9990. If you are not from southern New Jersey, you can learn about the courses being offered in your area by calling 1-888-FOR-USPS or check out the USPS Online Schedule by visiting the USPS web site.  In Canada, for the CPS course, call 1-888-CPS-BOAT.